Welcome to ViCEM

Engineering innovations have profoundly shaped modern medicine – and more and more medical sub-disciplines are further refined and enriched through novel technologies. This valuable process is being extended and accelerated, through ViCEM – the Vienna Center for Engineering in Medicine, a joint cooperation center of TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien) and MedUni Wien (Medizinische Universität Wien).

This center is entitled both to research and teaching at a top international level, and to a leading role in the national context – as a competent partner for the public sector and the industry. The cooperation partners at TU Wien and MedUni Wien look back on a decade-long tradition of joint research activities at the research group level. These activities have triggered joint teaching activities, such as the Master’s Programme for biomedical engineering at TU Wien, jointly realized by all departments of this university, in cooperation with colleagues from MedUni Wien.

The added value of all these cooperations lies in the complementary expertise of the individual research groups. ViCEM aims at continuous further networking and interweaving of research groups from TU Wien and MedUni Wien, as well as at enhanced internal and external publication of the numerous joint activities of researchers from TU Wien and MedUni Wien.In this way, it leads to the identification of new open questions and challenges at the crossroads of engineering and medicine; and in this way, to a deeper entanglement between research and teaching activities of TU Wien and MedUni Wien. Furthermore, the center regards itself as an open point for initiation for interdisciplinary approaches, for entire Vienna space (thereby strengthening Vienna’srole as a center of the Life Sciences) and across Austria (in cooperation with existing successful organizations such as the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration or the Austran Society for Biomedical Engineering). This helps to strengthen the worldwide reputation of Vienna as a science, engineering, and medicine hub.